IGF 2017 - Day 3 - Room XII - OF88 WSIS Action Lines Advancing the Achievement of SDGs


The following are the outputs of the real-time captioning taken during the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva, Switzerland, from 17 to 21 December 2017. Although it is largely accurate, in some cases it may be incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the event, but should not be treated as an authoritative record. 



This meeting is to provide you with the dates on the preparations of the WSIS forum, and also to hear a few words of encouragement from the coordinators.  We look forward to all of you participating on the open consultation process, and the meeting is to hear from you on what we should be doing at the WSIS forum. 

I'd like to invite the ITU to please give us opening remarks.

The WSIS forum 2018 will be held from 19 to 23rd of March 2018 in the ITU headquarters here in Geneva.  The overall view of forum is liberating ICTs to building formation and knowledge societies for achieving the sustainable development goals.

This reflects the outcome of the NGA overall review of the implementation of the WSIS, which called for a close alignment between the WSIS process and SDG process, recognizing that ICTs will play a crucial enabling role for the achievement of all 17 SDGs.  The WSIS forum serves as a key platform for discussing the role of ICTs as a means of implementation. 

There will be an opening ceremony of the WSIS forum, and I would like to invite you to nominate your projects for this award by the 2nd of January 2018. 

WSIS forum 2018 will continue to innovate with fresh ideas and activities for net neutrality is for development with a special focus on education ‑‑ against hunger and interactive panel discussions giving opportunities for stakeholder to join, co create, implement and make a real difference. 

ITU is meeting to increase youth engagement and by increasing participation in the forum.  Next year, WSIS forum will continue activity designed to encourage participation including workshops and presentations by young innovators. 

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you for all attending the first physical meeting today, and we look forward to your more dynamic interactive and outcome WSIS forum in 2018.  This forum depends with the compilation to the WSIS forum to us.  We look forward to generous contributions that help develop.  We like to thank the boards for confirming the participate.  Let me call out the names as a token of our appreciation. 

Wanda ‑‑ Swiss engineering. 

As you are aware, the agenda and program of WSIS forum are built through an open pros.  The outcomes of this meeting will feed into this process, and I would like to remind you to please meet your requests by 20 of January 2018. 

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your presence here.  Thank you for your attention, and I look forward for the very successful WSIS forum 2018. 

I would like to move onto UNESCO today.  Please, provide your remarks. 

That's why as my associate addressed in the opening ceremony, we advocate the frameworks and global weather.  We believe that our human right based internet, an open internet, and internet accessible by all and also internet driven by multi‑stakeholder participation.  We can achieve the inclusive information society in the end which will be welcomed to the peace and sustainability of internet for the society. 

And lastly, I would like to call again to our stakeholder here because we have been working hurrily to engage with different sector, different governments from private sector, from civil society, media, academia, in the past years to get involved in the WSIS implementation and concretely whether working only six action rooms such as action history, access, ‑‑ cultural diversity. 

This seems quite an aspect of WSIS actions, but very very important for the future and to ship the digital feature in other country.  So I do share what my colleague just said, that wish the process would be continued so the open participation and UNESCO is ready to provide our continued support and facilitation in this process.  Thank you.

So we are increasingly having and enjoying the benefits of the WSIS forum as a place where we can get inputs from stakeholders other than governments which is profoundly transforming our society now. 

So I would like to encourage you as well to provide your inputs, not only on the substance of the things we will be discussing during the WSIS forum 2018 but also on the trimmings.  And this I believe will be addressed in the presentation.  This has contributed to raise the profile of the subjects, even things that seem as tan gintle as the WSIS forum contest, thing that in the end give us a lot of disability in term of the specific subject matter of the information society and encourage participation, not only from the different stakeholders but within those stakeholder youth.  Youth is very interested in ‑‑ for example or ‑‑ which was very well attended last year ‑‑ this year.  So I do encourage every one of you to provide your inputs.  Keep in mind the deadlines and we are really looking forward to more and more original discussions with you in the WSIS forum 2018. 

In particular would be as facilitator of the ebusiness action line, we will be discussing the digital economy, inclusive e‑commerce, and also long‑standing contributors to the work on membership ICT for development with partnership.

So the most important thing, the cost of the registration.  I have been receiving a lot of calls for this.  It will open one month before the WSIS forum.  Please block these dates on your calendars.  It's from the 19th to 23rd of March, but the registration will open by the 15th of February.  The econfirmation will be the sole document that is provided for registration because these are the questions that we receive very frequently. 

The badging will be located at the ITU headquarters in ‑‑ 

As you know, WSIS forum has fielding blogs.  We have the high level component that will take place on the 20th and 21st.  That's Tuesday and Wednesday.  And the workshops, the action length facilitation workshops, the content workshops, knowledge exchange will be the foreign component of the WSIS forum will be taking place on the 19th place again and 23rd. 

Of course, we have components of virtual reality, FedEx and Acton of which we will provide details later. 

The haul man track is on the 21st and the 20th of March.  The letters have already been issued, and you can find the link to request for the speaking slot online.  Of course, this is multi‑stakeholder so we're requesting to please register the heads of your organization or any senior official that you feel should be present at the high level track during the WSIS forum. 

So the IT secretary has conducted some informal consultations and the chairman designate is confirmed as the deputy director of TRA.  They have been supporting the WSIS process and the WSIS forum in particular since a very long time, and we believe that his engagement will really add value to the WSIS forum. 

Again, the high level track consists of the prizes.  The prizes will be awarded during the opening ceremony, which is on the 20th.  The high level policy sessions will be for two days.  The minister round table, which is exclusively for ministers, and the closing ceremony of the high level track where the conclusions of all the different high level sessions are provided. 

As you know, since 2015, after our chairman from the U.S. requested as to make it more interactive, the high level policy sessions have high level track facilitators, and these are facilitators from ‑‑ we have an open forum.  They're nominated from the civil society, academia, technical community, and the private sector.  The deadline is 30th of January so we request civil society coordination groups, private sector coordination groups.  I can see all of you are here so please do submit your nominations as soon as possible and it would be nice if you don't wait until the deadline so that we can organize it better. 

Of course the ministerial round table, the details will be available much later, but this is just to give you some guidelines to prepare your ministers.  It will take place on the 21st of March in the Geneva room from 2 to 4:30. 

Youth engagement.  This has been a priority not of the UM but any UN process should include the voice of the youth.  And at the WSIS forum, we're trying to engage with the youth as much as possible, but you know it's very challenging because they did not find any real value in being part of the year.  They really would like to contribute. 

So any ideas would be very welcome.  We're trying to do concrete things like the hack‑a‑thon.  We're doing a session on digital skills.  So this would be a part of the campaign that was launched where we would be getting some private sector organizations and some universities to look at the matching of the digital skills that what is the requirement of the market and what are the skills that are being taught in the universities. 

So is there a match or a mismatch.  And then we will be having some training sessions on virtual reality for development.  Our virtual reality partners would give some short trainings on how virtual reality can be used as a medium to portray development activities. 

So these are some of the concrete things we have talked about, but all ideas are very welcome.  We encourage you to include youth in your delegations.  If you need any assistance from us, please do let us know. 

Of course we spoke about the hack a thon.  We would be doing this in collaboration with fAO.  It is titled hack against hunger and basically the focus on food security and hunger.  It is on the 18th, which is a Sunday.  18th and 19th of March.  So university student and young people, so 18 to 32 is the category that we would be welcoming for this competition.  It's a competition, yes.  And we would like you to as in the past ‑‑ so we started it this year.  We did it along with WHO on health.  And the outcomes were excellent.  And the people who ‑‑ the students who won the hack a thon have also gone on to implement their applications on the field and various other levels.  This is what we want to see that's happening after that. 

In fact, university who won the hack a thon this year came back to ITU and also tested their application in some of the countries where who and ITU are working.  So if you would like to support some university student to be here to participate in the hack a thon and to represent your country or your organization, you would be most ‑‑ you know, we would be grateful, and you can ask us for any questions that you have. 

We have put up some preliminary information on the page.  So we wanted to respect the deadline so it's a quick job for today, but please do have a look.  The basic information is already available online.  Next slide, please. 

So as my colleague's already mentioned, the agenda and program are big through this open consultation process.  There is a formal submission form.  We've already started receiving a lot of requests.  So this form is also to be used to request workshops for exhibition specials, make presentations, nominate speakers.  And most necessarily to give us information on how we can make changes on the format that would benefit the outcomes of the WSIS forum and certain topics that you would like us to ensure are dealt beat the WSIS forum. 

So this is the first physical meeting.  The second physical meeting will take place on the 24th of January.  This will be at the ITU building.  The deadline, please do respect it because this year ‑‑ next year, the WSIS forum is in March, which is very early for the organizers as well.  So we'd like to please request you do respect the deadline of 30th January. 

We add the photo contest because after all all that we are doing, we are striving to basically add value to what's happening on the ground and we've seen some fantastic photographs from civil society, private sector, from individuals on the ground show casing how ICTs are impacting sustainable development. 

So if you do know of such groups that are doing wonderful work on the ground, please do encourage them to nominate their photographs for the photo contest.  And it's for all of you to use actually.  The photographs will be every year, we will put them online.  And you can reuse the photographs whenever you wish you can contact us.  We can give you the high resolutions.  So this, we're collecting a database of photographs from ICT for development which you can use whenever you wish.  It is open to all the stakeholders to use. 

And the deadline of course is 9th of February. 

The WSIS prizes, of course the deadline is 2nd of January.  And we request you to please ‑‑ it's really tight because it's the holiday period, but it's a very tight deadline so we request you to please submit the prizes as soon as possible. 

My colleague will be first later on this. 

The WSIS forum wouldn't be possible at all without the generous contributions of our partners.  So we request you to please become partners of the WSIS forum.  So the partnership is a service based partnership.  So Geneva is a very expensive place and the WSIS forum is nonbudgetary.  So we really encourage you to support us and become partners of the WSIS forum. 

Any contributions to the WSIS forum are basically used to strengthen the outcomes of the WSIS forum.  So we are encouraged to please consider the partnership packages and get back to us if you are interested.  Next slide, please.  As of today, a partner for specific activities are ‑‑  contributing partners are Poland and ICANN and supporting partner is wes engineering. 

As you all know, at your request, we have basically scheduled the dates of 2020.  So please do note these on your calendar and we can already block your dates in the next few WSIS forums.  Thanks for pointing that out.  There is a mistake in the last one.  It should be 30th of March.  Of course WSIS forum is not so long. 

This is it.  This was just to provide you with a really quick update.  We are very active in our social media channels.  The slide is somehow missing up there.  Please do use hashtag WSIS if you're following us on Twitter or need to know anything about the WSIS process.  We're active on Instagram since we started our photo contest, so please do visit us there. 

Of course our Facebook ‑‑ we received 5,000 likes which is not much considering that we have 2500 stakeholders participating in the WSIS forum every year.  So please do be more active in our Facebook page.  You can get a lot of information there.  We post every day out there. 

And please join our WSIS flash, which is our monthly newsletter.  The monthly newsletter consists of all the updates.  So all the updates you saw in those presentation, you will be getting it directly in your e‑mail if you subscribe to the monthly newsletter.  So thank you very much.  This was just to provide you with an update.  We are here to listen to you, and we very keenly take notes. 

We also have our colleagues from UN present out here who are facilitators of action nine C1, C 11 and C7 egovernance.  Could you please update us on the preparations that you are doing to the WSIS forum.  Thank you very much.

We are happy to see that this happens.  We are also supporting the IGF secretariat for being so helpful.  On these action lines, we facilitate.  So meetings, we try to advance the reinfection on those topics because it's very important about the role of stakeholders or international corporation and egovernment. 

Last year, we had two facilitators join the WSIS forum, and they are very useful to us.  One was on the role of the private sector and implementing the WSIS and mobilizing technologies for the SDGs.  And we got some general messages like on the doctrine of the role, the readiness of the private sector, the fact that the private sector contributes most if you give it a specific problem.  So that was very useful to us. 

We had a lot about how we get a hype to give the big services that really benefit people that are so ideas such as the fact that you need to take some extra step if you want the government to help educate productivity.  So this is very useful to us, and we would like to have two more this year.  On the eager government, I think we have already an idea pretty much on what it should be because we're working on the egovernance for next year and the things about egovernment and resilience.  So we would like to hear from the participants in those meetings, the reviews on the scene and present preliminary result on this and on the transant egovernment. 

And then we can use the meeting as a stepping stone to finalize the survey.  We would very much like to hear today from the organizers of the WSIS forum and the agents about the kind of thing that you would like to discuss there.  And on what we've been thinking about, for example, the link between the strategies on egovernment and the strategies, the plans to implement the SDGs, how the government can bring it to you and mobilize stakeholders, give investment, invasions about the things that matter for the SDGs. 

So maybe a single on the dimensions and then the indoctrines of corporation should be of course at the ‑‑ we would be very much to hear what everybody thinks.  Thank you. 

You highlighted a very important point, that the WSIS forum is completely aligned to the SDGs now.  The WSIS action lines and SDGs.  So the agenda is completely searchable by WSIS action lines and SDGs.  So are the outcomes of each and every session.  And we have also aligned the WSIS prize contest with the WSIS action lines and SDGs. 

So it is convenient for the people following the SDG process as well as the WSIS process because everything is searchable, and it's all based on the metrics developed in 2014 by the WSIS action line facilitators. 

Colleagues, the floor is open.  We are hear to listen from you.  Please feel free.  There is a remote participant.  Please. 

Correctly, we do have a tight deadline.  It's January 2nd and we will start trying to reach this deadline so we encourage you all to promote.  And also submit.  This is really a unique contest recognized by the international community.  And we are very happy to receive lots of positive input from this exwinners and exchampion community.  And besides encouraging you to submit and share this information about the deadline, I would also like to inform you that we are now discussing without exwinners and champions of the WSIS prizes how to engage them in the WSIS forum 2018. 

Let me remind you, the prizes started in 2012 and this is now the 7th edition of this important activity.  We're receiving input through the open process on how to best shape the format of this need track so‑called alumni group of the exwinners prize and champions.  108 winners since 2012 and 144 champions so far.  And I invite all of you also to help us shape this track and see how the expedience is of receiving these prizes have been received back home.  We are within their community and networks. 

Rather the extension, if there would be an extension, this would be announced on the third of January.  So far, we are running until 2nd of January.  Thank you.

So if they're a very balanced teams, it would benefit the results of the hack a thon.  So we encourage you to please already register.  Thank you. 

Yes, sir, please.

As far as ‑‑ so there are two categories of young generation I guess we are looking at.  One is school children, and the second is from 18 to 35, if we can still call them young.  But yes, I would like to.  So basically the school children, we are also working with our virtual reality partners to have a classroom which will give them an experience of virtual reality in education.  This is something we are also planning. 

But bringing school children from outside Geneva is a very big responsibility so we are also looking at people who could take that responsibility to bring the children or of course the schools in Switzerland for them, it's very easy to be here. 

But this is just to provide a glimpse of what virtual reality has to offer to the world of education.  So of course this will be open to all of you to get into the classroom.  Unfortunately, none of us have experienced that.  I haven't in my childhood.  So I think it will be a great experience for all of us and to give you an example, this year the minister of rowanda was very impressed by the show case and he invited our partners to do a session in public schools there.  This is the kind of impact we want to have, that the policy makers also notice the invasion and take it back to their countries.  Thank you very much. 

We count our members to send a use representative to engage with politicians and policy makers to discuss this and education, culture, communication, science, the issues.  I think that's a very good practice.  Maybe we can also draw to the WSIS process and we get more institutionalized every year.  Maybe also children, which is more difficult.  I think the younger generation is really tying behind the policy making. 

And also as UNESCO has also tackled this as well so be able to contract the process.  We also have several leading projects in the Arab states who actually mean ‑‑ and also in Africa, with the people and young children.  We train them to do the coding in the camp.  We also have some good practice and can share with WSIS forum.  And individually, we can also engage with young ambassadors, experts.  And we have already suggest and recommend them to the participate in the forum and physically and remote. 

I can see ICC private sector partner.  Would you like to please take the floor on the preparations? 

They are actively working on the 2018 edition.  The theme that we are developing is actually a question.  The day after seems far, but it is right here now.  Is a common future possible?  World and climate is changing.  Is society economy and justice following?  The web is dead but still out there.  Do we have a plan to save it?  Platforms of data solutions and traps, how can we move beyond them.  Looks to be red but can they also be eaten?  Self men and global.  Are locals all the same?  The day after today ‑‑ cover the possible alternatives. 

The key dates are in January 2018, announcing the theme on the 8th of January.  Save the date.  And to the communities and the open call for idea is open until 28th of January.  Thank you. 

We will try to give all the documentation to ten of January.  Okay? 

However, we also must not forget that the WSIS forum is a part of the WSIS process, and it is very important for us to ensure that the high of the policy sessions, the workshops, all contribute in a meaningful way and show how ICTs, the WSIS action lines in particular, are impacting the sustainable development goals. 

Anyone else would like to take the floor? 

Do you have any updates from the region? 

I think today there is quite big interest on the community of contributing the invasion component to the WSIS forum.  We have to focus on the social groups.  And I think this will be in quite good opportunity for the invasion track to make these event stronger with bringing not only the young innovators but also those who are working on the invasion from the sustemming point of view and also entrepreneurial.  Therefore, the special efforts are done by the different original offices in the ITU

And to bring to the discussion those who are trying to make the real change and ad‑Vance the digital transformation at the global level.  So we utilize this opportunity and also to call for much more engagement in this track to not only to talk about the policies, but also to talk about the area concrete projects happening on the ground. 

The other point which I wanted to raise is the original work.  And as we know since many years, economic commissions of the UN are working hand in hand with the WSIS platform in order to make the alignment of the WSIS and as the process happened and strengthened this process at the regional level, forums have matched which are discussing this process in depth, but not only discussing but more importantly also creating the platforms where the partnerships are created to advance the implementation of projects on the different WSIS action lines. 

We have the example of the S cop and from the other original commissions which we hoped to have the reporting done at the WSIS forum.  Of course, with the support ‑‑ for support of the ITU, original offices and the support of the WSIS secretariat and other young agencies. 

So I'm just drawing attention to these because I think this is something what was evolving but is getting mature enough to see how we also can act at the original level and to bring those the global take aways for any WSIS forums to the implementation. 

In addition to this, I think one good point is that at the original level, we have quite good images of the double up forums for sustainable development.  Which are shadowed for each region and which are bending upon asserting work done at the regional level by the commissions and their facilitating agencies of the WSIS process. 

And I think that this has quite a lot of potential, not only to main stream but also to prioritize sustained activities in the level of the implementation.  And it would be I think useful at the level of the WSIS forum to strengthen this component and to take a look how to also close the loop with the proper messaging going into the outcome of the WSIS forum.  Thank you.

We will also very proud to notice that in 2015, S cap actually the membership of S cap had the past resolution on WSIS implementation.  So these are some very good victories on the WSIS process at the regional level.  And the secretariat is always ready to help you in every which way, to provide you with information.  Yes, sir, I think you wanted to take the floor.

So I think that social groups, we cannot attend social groups if we don't change the way we do business and the way we make transparency on contract suppliers and buyers all around the world. 

So I stood in divert a few months ago at tour with a ‑‑ with respects the 17th.  A tool and record of good conduct between suppliers and buyer. 

And in fact there is no social good because we don't have transparency on the supply chain.  And in the way on the cycle of life of prediction.  For example, you have slavery.  You have child.  We work on the cocoa plantation and so on and so on. 

So the two we develop transparency on the product.  And I would be very happy to present it on the next WSIS forum.  Thank you.

Yes, let me just say ICANN is delighted to partner on the WSIS forum and the other UN agencies.  I think the discussions at the WSIS forum as we've just been hearing can range across a number of issues of importance to many people.  We'll certainly be contributing where we'll perhaps hold a couple of workshops on relevant issues that ICANN is working on in relation to the WSIS action lines.  One of the issues at the moment for us is data protection and data privacy as it relates to the domain name system.  So perhaps we might say something on that.  But it's delightful to be involved.  Thank you.

So following that suggestion. 

And also if you allow me to comment on the SDGs at international level, I was inspired by what was said. 

I understand that there is high level funding.  I understand the team will be discussed by my level political funding.  So would it make sense we align with that agenda on the WSIS and SDG discussion, maybe next year in 2018 we can have a high level discussion about SDG number 16, particularly also because it has a very very visible emission of enabling access to information which is most related to mandate.  And then the outcome can be translated to high level plantation and we can generate an impact on that.  Thank you.

So it is like a report from action line facilitators.  So basically all of us who are facilitating the action lines with respect to the particular topic of that year.  So we did it this year, and we will do it next year as well. 

We also submit all the outcomes of the WSIS forum to the HIPF every year.  So that is taken care of.  However, at the WSIS forum, it would be necessary that it is open to all stakeholders to discuss all WSIS action lines and the connections with all SDGs.  Yes, sir, please. 

I'm also interested in exploring with you how you would consider the notion of multi‑stakeholders going forward and that notion of multi‑stakeholder approaches because that's one thing that has not yet been confined and defined properly on many levels. 

Do you feel that this is an area that needs more focus and attention? 

Another question is emerging technologies.  We've noted the turn of things, but also the block on technology which is still emerging and causing somewhat of confusion including regulation et cetera.  Do you feel this needs to be emphasized further and bringing in stakeholders from technical community more often?  Thank you.

Also to strengthen the outcomes of its processes.  Your second question about the ‑‑

We need to take an active role to participate in WSIS with this information we can even nominate the facilitator and subjects to this particular aspect.  We have a very very special him to ship the WSIS process to be an even better way to get the people involved. 

First of all, the comment, I'd glad to hear from UNESCO that SGV 16 will be discussed at the UN and I would like to talk to you off line about that and get information about it if you have five minutes after the session, wearing my IFLA hat. 

But my question is just remembering that the chair said to us at the beginning of the session or sometime earlier in the session that the WSIS forum is known budgetary.  I'm just concerned by that, and I just wonder if the process itself, the WSIS forum is sustainable in the long‑term. 

Can you reassure us on that question?  Thank you. 

For the second question.

So I don't think our partners will withdraw from their contributions.  And in fact we also welcome New Zealand to contribute to the WSIS forum and be a partner.  We will be in touch with you, sir. 

Last year in December, UN general assemply receive a generalization on AI.  And then after that he has some money to have the AI for good three‑day before the last June with this for next year it will be in May.  And since he's been here, everybody say due to AI, you will solve every problem and you have no idea ‑‑ no critical spirit. 

Can you ‑‑ I know it's very difficult what I am asking for you.  I want to have an intervention of Stephen all thing to the next WSIS forum.  I know it's difficult to transpire, but maybe with telecommunication you can do me an article.  But I like to have somebody who is not in the same way of all this enthusiastic and unrest from civil people. 


So to a minimum, maybe a media address.  We will definitely try.  Thank you very much for that suggestion. 

Mexico, yes, please