IGF 2022 Open Forum #103 Promoting cross-border Data Flow and Trustworthy Data Space

Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (06:30 UTC) - Thursday, 1st December, 2022 (07:30 UTC)

Panel - Auditorium - 60 Min


The concept of DFFT, which promotes free flow of data by facilitating innovation and improving trust to maximize the benefits of digitization, is shared internationally. Agreed upon at the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit, DFFT has since been discussed for its concrete promotion in various international policy forums, including the G7, G20, and OECD. At the UK G7 Ministers' Meeting in 2021, DFFT roadmap was created, which includes the following issues: data localization, regulatory cooperation regarding personal data, the development of rules for government access to personal data held by private sector and .promotion of data sharing in key sectors. In particular, the "Data Sharing Practices in Key Sectors" promotes discussions on promoting international data sharing by sharing intra- and inter-sectoral data sharing efforts in various countries and regions. The idea of a "data space" has been proposed as one approach at the G7. This same idea of data space is considered to be promoted in various ways in countries other than the G7, and is expected to become a tool that will play an important role in promoting data distribution in the future. On the other hand, since the domestic environment and reliability requirements of each country vary, it is likely that a variety of data spaces will develop. In this session we discuss about what actions are expected from stakeholders in each country to enhance interoperability of the global data space and promote data distribution, sharing, and utilization in various sectors and what kind of discussions and initiatives can be expected by governments. National and regional efforts to ensure trust of data Ensuring international interoperability Prospects for data space expansion Promising solutions for ensuring data trust, etc.

We will invite any participants both online and offline.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Yoichi Iida, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Government Yusuke Seki, same above


G7 government officials Data space stakeholders such as GAIAX or DATAEX Data user representatives (industry or civil society) Representatives of data users (industry or civil society) ・Related parties from emerging/developing countries, etc.

Onsite Moderator

Yoichi Iida

Online Moderator

Yusuke Seki


Yoichi Iida



Targets: To be described later because of time constrain