After public consultations among the NRIs during the January-February 2018 period, on the subject of planning the NRIs joint work plan for the 13th IGF cycle, a consensus was achieved on several items, as outlined below.




To have a dedicated workspace for the NRIs and to keep the channels for outreach open.


To develop a set of Terms of References for the existing NRIs mailing list ([email protected]), that will serve primarily as a workspace for the NRIs. All announcements and postings of a different nature should be sent directly to the NRIs Focal Point who will consolidate them and send to the list.




NRIs to host a joint, substantive, main session at the IGF 2018.


NRIs to start open consultations with their communities for deciding three substantive topics of interest. From these, one topic will be identified as the most important for the majority and a consensus should follow to focus the main session on that particular topic. 

The NRIs should submit three topics to the IGF Secretariat by the end of April 2018, for determining the topic of mutual interest to be communicated to the MAG.

Should the time allow, the NRIs could document their preparatory work reflecting the process and the substance.




NRIs to organize a coordination session at the IGF 2018.


To develop a bottom up agenda for this session by middle of September 2018 and follow the format of the Coordination session hosted during the 12th IGF in Geneva.




NRIs to be able to integrate in the IGF 2018 substantive programme.


To inform the MAG that the NRIs collaborative sessions were rich in content and well attended

To note that the preparatory process for these sessions created stronger bonds among the NRIs.

To ask the MAG to review the requirements for stakeholders entering the programme and allow the NRIs to co-organize sessions on particular topics for the IGF 2018.




To develop a publication that will reflect the ‘NRIs work in practice’, focusing on the preparatory process for organizing the NRIs annual meetings.


The IGF Secretariat will consult all produced outcomes and internal documents before reaching out to the NRI coordinators to help fill in the gaps, if any. The below presented set of questions stands as a set of guidelines for the editor, for which segments could/should be covered.

Deadline for the first draft to be submitted to the NRIs is July 2018.

All inputs reflecting individual NRIs need to be communicated to those NRIs for their review and approval.

1.      History

1.1.   When did you establish your initiative?

1.2.   How many annual events have been organized so far and do you organize event(s) every year?

1.3.   What has significantly changed from your first annual event comparing to the last organized annual event?

2.      What is your internal organization?

2.1.   Do you have an entity that acts as an organizer of your IGF and how do you call it?

2.2.   How many members does your organizing entity have and from which stakeholder groups?

2.3.   Do the members have a mandate? If yes, how is it regulated and where are these rules stipulated?

2.4.   Do you have defined objectives of your NRIs; how are they defined and where can they be found?

3.      Annual Meeting

3.1.   How many open consultations and Organizing Core Team meetings do you run?

3.2.   How do you decide the final date and location for the annual meeting?

3.3.   Do you require participation registration, online, on-site or both? What are the fields in the registration form?

3.4.   Do you provide online participation? If yes, do you require the online participants to be registered?

3.5    How long is your annual meeting?

3.6.   Describe sessions structure.

4.      Reporting

4.1.   Do you report after each of the meetings?

4.2.   How much time does it take you to report?

4.3.   Do you seek public consultations for the wider community to approve the report before disseminating the final version to the public?

4.4.   How do you report – what is the structure you use? Do you provide messages?

4.5.   Do you report on participation breakdowns per stakeholder groups, gender and country/region, or any other?

4.6.   Do you report on how many Newcomers you had during your annual meeting?

5.      Outreach

5.1.   How do you communicate with your wider community?

5.2.   What kinds of public consultations are you running, on what specific issues?

5.3.   How do you develop your program agenda?

5.4.   How do you invite speakers?

5.5.   How do you make sure the multistakeholder model is respected while inviting speakers?

5.6.   What is the role of social media; how many followers do you have and how often do you post?

6.      Funding

6.1.   Which stakeholder groups are your major donors?

6.2    Is there a maximum amount of funding that donors can provide? If so, what is that amount?

6.3.   How do you reach out to the donors?

6.4    How do you thank the donors for their donations?

6.5.   Type of donations received: in-kind, financial, or other types?

6.6.   Is there a separate funding line in the budget to fund attendance at the global IGF?

See here the preparatory process.