NRIs Virtual Meeting X: 4 October 2016


National and Regional IGF Initiatives: Planning the IGF 2016 Substantive Session

- Virtual Meeting X: 4 October 2016 -




  1. Tenth Virtual planning Meeting for the National and Regional IGF Initiatives’ (NRIs) Substantive Session at the IGF 2016, took place at 4 October 2016 at 14:00 p.m. UTC.

  2. Meeting was hosted by Ms. Anja Gengo from the IGF Secretariat and moderated by Ms. Marilyn Cade, MAG Member and the NRIs Substantive Coordinator.

  3. The agenda is attached to this document as Appendix A1 and a list of Meeting Participants as Appendix A2. Appendix A3 includes a list of other relevant documents, as referenced in this report.



Introductions and Agenda adoption

  1. Participants introduced themselves stating which IGF initiative they are affiliated with, and were asked to share any updates on their Initiatives’ activities and future plans.  

  2. The Host shared the agenda with everyone. Participants were asked if they are in agreement with the proposed agenda and to suggest any edits. Two participants asked to add two additional discussion segments under the last item of Any Other Business (AoB). These were: issues of funding for the NRIs to attend the IGF annual meetings and a relationship between the global IGF and the NRIs, mutual support and ways for potential adjustments and improvements.  

  3. All suggestions were fully endorsed and agenda unanimously adopted.


NRIs Main Session: Finalizing the preparations on the First Segment

  1. It was noted that the 3-hours long NRIs main session is scheduled to take place on the second Meeting day, 7 December 2016 at 15:00 pm UTC (local time).


  1. Participants were reminded that several rounds of public consultations amongst the IGF initiatives were organized since the MAG decided that the NRIs will have a Main Session  at the 2016 annual IGF meeting. This process resulted in an agreement on the 3-parts session structure and a round-table format.


  1. It was explained that on some of the previously hosted NRIs virtual meetings, participants advised for a set of guiding questions to be developed for each of the session segments, so that the individual presentations can be developed around.
  1. Participants were asked to comment on the proposals from their own perspective, taking into account their intentions on what they would like to present at the Session. It was reminded that the proposals are:

    - Access and Enhancing Opportunity for the Un-Connected and Under-Connected

    - Secure, Resilient and Trusted Internet Issues from the NRIs Perspectives

  2. One participant explained that the issues of connectivity were discussed within their initiative, and that this triggered different stakeholders, like the representatives of their respective Government and of national Telecom operators, to take necessary steps in order to improve the overall conditions for the connectivity. Based on this shared experience, it was proposed that one of the guiding question be: What can the stakeholders do, especially the national Governments, to improve the conditions for the un-connected and under-connected in their respective communities?

  3. This proposal was welcomed by the participants. However, there was a full agreement on one Participant’s advice to make more effective ways of gathering guiding questions, as this Meeting had a limited time agenda. Thus, it was proposed to create a shared document, with a seven day deadline for all the IGF initiatives to insert two to four  guiding questions. 

    After the deadline, the IGF Secretariat and the NRIs will take time of up to 48 hours to review proposals and to determine two to four most common guiding questions as final decision.

  4. The wording of the topics for both segments was discussed. It was noted that the first topic proposal is very clear. However, the second topic is too broad, as the ‘Internet issues’ might indicate that there is an expectation from the speakers to discuss all Internet related issues. Therefore, it was proposed to remove the word ‘issues’ from the title and make the proposal’s wording be: ‘Secure, Resilient and Trusted Internet from the NRIs Perspectives’. This will allow for the NRIs more freedom to speak about the topics, based on their own understanding and experience. All participants expressed that they are in agreement with this proposal.

  5. Participants were reminded that each topic will be discussed for 45 minutes, where each presenter will have 3 minutes for individual presentation.


NRIs Main Session: Finalizing the preparations on the Second Segment

  1. It was reminded that the topics for the second segment of the Session are:

    - Reliable and sustainable funding sources for the NRIs events

    - Challenges in how to create more awareness about Internet Governance and why stakeholders should be actively engaging

  2. Participants agreed that the same methodology for gathering the guiding questions inputs in the shared document should be applied here.

  3. While discussing the potential content meaning of the two proposal for the second segment, it was noted that the first topics related to funding needs to reflect the in-kind support as well. It was added that this topic needs to reflect the methodologies and strategies in securing funding for the NRIs work, as well.

  4. Many participants emphasized the importance of discussing this topic in a context of sustainability, aiming at long-term stability.

  5.  Some participants pointed that the NRIs should be fully independent in their work, where sponsors cannot have any influence on their work. One participants shared its NRIs experience, explaining that they faced situations where they needed to reject sponsorship as sponsors wanted to influence the slogan of the event.

  6.  In reference to the second topic of second segment, some participants commented that from their perspective, one of the biggest challenges is how to engage national Governments. Others pointed that it is important to explain to all stakeholders why is it in their interest to take active participation in the IGF events, on any level. Raising awareness is very important, but it needs to be conducted in line with explaining concretely the reasons for all stakeholders to participate. This will result in bringing diversity to the NRIs events.


On-site attendance of the NRIs at the IGF 2016 Meeting

  1. It was reminded that the IGF Secretariat has scheduled a doodle poll for the NRIs members to indicate if they will attend the upcoming IGF Meeting on-site. The current records were presented on this meeting, indicating that for now, representatives of 16 national IGFs and 6 (sub)regional IGFs confirmed that they will attend on-site. Detailed records per NRIs names are attached to this Report as Appendix A3.


ICANN57 Meeting : NRIs related updates

  1. As the NRIs gatherings at the ICANN meetings are traditionally being organized by Ms. Marilyn Cade, participants were informed that the NRIs will meet at the upcoming  ICANN57 Meeting, scheduled to be from 3 to 9 November 2016 in Hyderabad, India.

  2. With explaining that more details regarding the meeting date, time and agenda will be provided on the next NRIs Virtual Meeting and via the NRIs mailing list ([email protected]), participants were informed that it is confirmed that the MAG Chair will be present, representatives from UNDESA and the IGF Secretariat, as well as for now 14 IGF NRIs representatives and guests (names to be confirmed).

  3. Participants were invited to continue casting their votes in the ICANN57 doodle poll and indicate if they will attend the ICANN Meeting.


Other updates from the NRIs and the IGF Secretariat

  1. Participants were informed that the deadline for a mandatory online registration to attend the IGF 2016 Meeting  is 17 November 2016.

  2. It was update that the first deadline for the registration of the IGF Remote Hubs is 5 October 2016.

  3. Participants were informed that the deadline to comment on the IGF Retreat Compilation Document  was extend until 31 October 2016.

  4. Participants were briefed about the NRIs updates that are submitted to the MAG, on monthly basis, and invited to review the relevant report from the last MAG Meeting, hosted on 27 September. Report is available on the IGF website.

  5. It was noted that the work on developing the NRIs Tool Kit is ongoing, where the next meeting will be planned during the week of 10 October.



  1. Some participants asked if the IGF will provide any funding for the non-MAG members. It was responded that for now there are no indications that it will be, but in case there will, relevant information will be published on the IGF website and through the NRIs mailing list.

  2. Ms. Marilyn Cade explained that more awareness needs to be developed about the need of the NRIs to be funded to attend the global IGF event, where more concrete incentives should come from the global IGF’s side.

  3. It was advised to explore all opportunities within the wider IGF network for the NRIs members to get needed funding to attend the global IGF.

  4. One participant asked for clarification on the potential funding of the NRIs members from the IGF and the IGFSA. It was explained that the IGF has funded MAG and non-MAG members in past, in line with the defined criteria that can be found on the IGF website.

  5. A reference was made to all the NRIs annual meetings scheduled to be in October, as it follows:
  • 3 October: Austria national IGF
  • 5 October: Armenia national IGF
  • 6 October: Paraguay national IGF
  • 11-12 October Australia national IGF
  • 13-14 October: Spain national IGF
  • 13 October: Netherlands Youth IGF
  • 14 October: Ukraine national IGF
  • 16-18 October: Africa regional IGF
  • 21 October: Bosnia and Herzegovina national IGF
  • 21 October: Colombia national IGF
  • 24-25 October: Argentina national IGF

Next Steps

39. The Secretariat will summarize the key suggestions raised during two meetings and will distribute the meeting summary during in the next three days..

40. After the Meeting is closed, the Secretariat will create a shared document and post it to the NRIs mailing list, to seek for the consensus of the NRIs and their inputs, with the deadline being one week (11 October, 20:00 p.m. UTC).

41.  Doodle Polls for gathering information about the NRIs attendance at ICANN 57  and the 2016 IGF annual meeting in Mexico, to be re-distributed.

42. Next meeting: The Secretariat will distribute the Doodle poll for the members of the NRIs to cast the votes for the best time slots for the next Virtual Meeting, during the week of 17 October..

43. For any suggestions or questions regarding the Report, kindly contact the Secretariat at: [email protected] or [email protected].



AGENDA: National and Regional IGF Initiatives

Planning the IGF 2016 Substantive Session: Virtual Meeting X, 4 October 2016

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. NRIs Main Session: 1st and 2nd part finalization

3. NRIs at the IGF: on-site attendance

4. NRIs at ICANN57 Meeting

5. Other updates from the NRIs and the IGF

6. AoB



MEETING PARTICIPANTS (alphabetical order)

  1. Abdeldjalil  Bachar Bong, IGF Chad
  2. Ali Hussain, IGF Pakistan*
  3. Artem  Goriainov, Central Asia sub-regional IGF
  4. Carolina Aguerre, IGF Argentina
  5. Christine Arida, Arab IGF
  6. Daniel Macías, Government of México
  7. Diego Canabarro, IGF Brazil
  8. Fotjon  Kosta , IGF Albania*
  9. Israel Rosas, Government of México
  10. Jennifer Chung, Asia Pacific regional IGF
  11. Julián Casasbuenas G., IGF Colombia , MAG member
  12. Juuso Moisander, IGF Finland, MAG member
  13. Laura Watkins, IGF UK, MAG member
  14. Louise Marie  Hurel, Youth IGF of  Latin America and Caribbean
  15. Miguel Perez Subias, IGF Spain
  16. Maheeshwara Kirindigoda, IGF Sri Lanka
  17. Marilyn Cade, USA-IGF,  MAG member, NRIs Substantive Coordinator
  18. Mary Uduma, IGF Nigeria, Africa IGF
  19. Oksana Prykhodko, IGF Ukraine
  20. Shreedeep Rayamajhi, Nepal
  21. Sindy Nur Fitri, IGF Indonesia
  22. Carlos Vera, IGF Ecuador
  23. Zeina Bou Harb, IGF Lebanon




National IGFs attending the IGF 2016 Meeting:


Chad IGF

Nigeria IGF

Ghana IGF


Indonesia IGF

Sri Lanka IGF

Japan IGF*


Armenia IGF (TBC)

Belarus IGF


Colombia IGF

Mexico IGF

Argentina IGF

Peru IGF



German IGF


Spain IGF


Regional IGFs attending the IGF 2016 Meeting:

Africa IGF

Asia Pacific IGF

Caribbean IGF



Arab IGF