IGF Regional and National Initiatives

Past NRIs activities

During the annual IGF meetings, the NRIs have organized different types of dedicated sessions. Outcomes of these sessions, including the reports, transcripts and supporting documents are shown below.

IGF 2018, France

NRIs preparatory activities for the 2018 annual IGF meeting, according to the agreed annual Work Plan

2018 NRIs Meetings Summaries:

IGF 2017, Switzerland

NRIs reflection to the IGF 2016 work and recommendations for improvements in 2017 available here.

Two virtual meetings and a public call for gathering inputs from the NRIs regarding the IGF 2016 work processes, conducted. Received inputs summarized and submitted as a written contribution to the Taking Stock Public Call for Inputs.

2017 NRIs Meetings Summaries:

NRIs sessions at the IGF 2017 annual meeting

Public Consultations on Youth engagement in the IGF: looking into the existing processes:

The first edition of the publication that reflects the engagement of youth at the IGF is available here.

* The IGF MAG is regularly informed about the progress of the NRIs. Below is the latest update in written form.

IGF 2016, Mexico

Planning the NRIs Substantive Sessions at the 2016 IGF annual meeting

During the First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, it was decided by the MAG that the national and regional IGF initiatives should organize a joint, main session. The preparatory process started immediately, by inviting all NRIs to submit their expectations and ideas.

A regular (bi)monthly meetings are hosted, for the purposes of coordinating the work. To work with us, sign up to our mailing list or send us a direct email at: [email protected]. The below meeting summary reports will help to stay informed about the work done so far.

NRIs Meetings Summaries:

  • IGF 2016: NRIs Main Session, 7 December 2016

Transcript, recording and report available at this link.

  • IGF2016: NRIs Coordination Session, 9 December 2016

Transcript, recording and report available at this link.

IGF 2016 Preparatory Work to develope the IGF NRIs Toolkit

A Working Group composed of NRIs representatives and interested members was established. 

In order for the work to be coordinated between the Secretariat, Working Group and NRIs network, virtual meetings are being hosted. Below Meeting Summary Reports will help to stay informed about the work done so far.

The extensive work was done at the shared platform, before the final draft was submitted to the NRIs, where it was available at the IGF Review Platform for public consultations for seven weeks.

Additional IGF 2016 NRIs resources:

IGF 2016 NRIs brocuhure

Informational update to the IGF 2016 on the NRIs

NRIs presence 

IGF 2015, Brazil

Inter-Regional Dialogue Session 

Survey Results: IGF National and Regional Initiatives

Final Session Report


IGF 2014 Turkey

Inter-Regional Dialogue Session

Final Session Report


IGF 2013 Indonesia

Inter-Regional Dialogue Session

Data Collection Summary and Preliminary Analysis on National and Regional IGF Initiatives

Final Session Report

Transcripts (Part 1)

Transcripts (Part 2)

IGF 2012, Azerbaijan

Inter-Regional Dialogue Session


IGF 2011, Kenya

Inter-Regional Dialogue Session